"Primetime Garbage" 180g Vinyl

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"Primetime Garbage" 180g Vinyl

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Order Electric Honey's second full-length album Primetime Garbage on 180g vinyl!  The album was pressed at Third Man Pressings in Detroit, MI and it comes with a free digital download. #electrichoneylovesyou

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"Primetime Garbage" is Electric Honey's 2nd album. This collection of songs builds off of "Vanadium", infused with the energy of local Detroit rock music. The songs were written specifically for live performance which gives the album a raw/natural feel. We are incredibly proud of this collection of music and with your support we were able to press this on vinyl. We've pressed a limited number of vinyl at Third Man Pressing Plant in Detroit so please make sure to snag your copy before we run out!

Track List:

Side A
1. In the Clouds
2. The Dark
3. The Science
4. Playing the Part

Side B
5. Megaphony
6. Fool With a Halo
7. Wolves at the Door
8. Like No One's Listening

Thanks to the following people for bringing this project to life!
Alex Vlachos, Andrew Carrolo, Ann Minjeur, Sandy Zarkis, Bill Ivan, Bob Doppel, Bruce Farrell, Carel Minjeur, Casey Camp, Chad Gosselin, Chad Shirk, Charlie Labut, Chris Ivan, Chris Janotta, Colin McCormick, Crystal Ivan, Dan Forth, Dan Miller, Dave Randazzo, Dave Shanks, David Perreault, Doug Kunnath, Doug Thomson, Dresdan Gordon, Evangelos Foutris, Frans Mineur, George Girgenti, Gerry Greco, Jason Shane, Jeff Cancelosi, Jessica Arnold, Jill Rodriguez, JJ Kinkel, Joe Olenick, John Samson, Jon Moshier, Joseph Vukich, Krishna B, Laura Poirier, Leigh Czerwinski, Lisa Smith, Logan Christensen, Makenzie Stevens, Marc Andres,Mark Roth,Mary Wagner, Matt Doppel, Michael Kachman, Mike Gatny, Neil Long, Nic Wetzler, Olga Rouditchenko, Phil Labut, Rob Hasting, Sandra Trumbo, Sarah Ivan, Scott Schauer, Slightly Twisted Games, Suzanne Bales, Tara Revyn, Tish Hasting, Victoria Mazzolla, Zach Jones