Vanadium (2015)

by Electric Honey

"Vanadium" is Electric Honey's first full-length album. The songs on "Vanadium" were created over the span of two years and they were recorded in a room just large enough to hold a set of drums, a bass amp, two guitar amps, and a complete set of business casual clothes. Recording began in early 2013. The size of the room did not limit the scope of the project which includes the use of many instruments ranging from mandolin and guitar to clarinet, cello and trumpet.

"Vanadium" is a collection of songs inspired by dreams, memories, and emotions affirmed by Minjeur's use of cryptic lyrics and multiple counter-melodies throughout. The use of vocal harmonies and textures further creates a sense of longing and nostalgia that quickly manifests itself into satisfying dynamic swings; sometimes appearing seemingly from nowhere. The album is a take on the world as we know, as seen through our eyes. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do. Buy it now by clicking Things You Need!

Album art by Nolan Flynn. Production art by Dave Doss